Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ada's ballet and gymnastic class

Mommy is so proud of Ada..
She is an excellent listener.
She is very focused.
She follows instruction very carefully.
She never hesitates to answer the question or even correct the teacher!
She is a leader.
She is very confident.
She is not afraid of trying new skills.
She is very flexible.(she can do almost 180 degree leg stretch!)
She cares about her friends' feelings.
She loves to learn and play..
She loves balance beam, bar and rings!
She loves to leap, skip and do ballerina forms..
She is always smiling.. or laughing in her class...
Now I know why she won the best ballerina award.
Now I now why she won the excellent gymnast medal.
She is brilliant & outstanding.

from mom, June 15, 2011
(This is all mother's point of view. so, of course it's very very biased....)

showing off lemonade dip on the balance beam!
Ada: "momma, I can walk and do lemonade dip on the balance beam absolutely all by myself!"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

February & March 2011 and some old pictures...